Book Review | The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

The author, Grant Cardone, begins by first defining what he means by the 10x Rule.

The 10x Rule, in a nutshell, is massive thinking + massive action, to put in a mathematical format.

He then follows that up by explaining why it’s vital to operate according to the 10x rule.

After much reflection and consultation, Grant came to the conclusion that many a times we don’t achieve our goals because we don’t correctly estimate the required effort, time and energy.

And here he offers his first advise which is, you should NEVER reduce your target rather you should increase your activity.

One of the key tenets of the 10x rule is that the target is never the problem, rather any target attacked with the right actions in the right amounts with persistence is attainable.

This book is really a call to elevate your thinking and action to 10x levels.

The following are some of my key take-away(s):

Success is your Duty, Obligation and Responsibility

Grant says that success is important. “Success provides confidence, security, a sense of self, the ability to contribute at a greater level, and hope and leadership for others in terms of what is possible. Without it, you; your group, company, goals and dreams; and even the entire civilization would cease to survive and thrive.”

He further underscores this by saying “You must never reduce success in your mind or in a conversation to something that doesn’t matter; on the contrary, it is vital.”

Success is not an option but is an absolute MUST if you have to live out your full potential in service to yourself, family, company and community.

There is no shortage of success

Grant Cardone or Uncle G. as he’s fondly known tell us to not to view success as a commodity which is in limited supply.

Success has no limit.

You can have as much as you want and so can I—and your achievement does not prevent or limit my ability to have or create success.

Many of us, mostly because of our upbringing, the messaging we get from the media or the environment we live in tend to look at success from a scarcity point of view. We should, instead, cultivate an abundance mindset – the perspective that there’s plenty to go around for EVERYONE.

Success is not a zero sum game, there can be many winners.

Four degrees of Action

From the book we learn about the 4 categories of action. These are:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Retreat
  3. Take normal levels of action
  4. Take massive action

To abide by the 10x rule you have to always operate at the 4th degree of action—always taking massive action in the direction of your goals or targets.

“Taking massive action means making somewhat unreasonable choices and then following these up with even more action.”

This level of action will certainly attract a lot of criticism, cause you to be fearful but don’t back down keep at it, persist until you achieve your goals.

It’s important to note – regardless of whatever degree of action you choose to operate in, they all require work and energy in their own ways. So instead of either opting to do nothing, retreating or taking average or normal levels of action you might as well go for it and take massive action.

“Making massive action a discipline will break you through obscurity, increase your value in the marketplace and help you generate success in any area you elect.”

10x Goals

Grant exhorts you to be bold enough to think big and set out big hairy and audacious goals that even scare you.

He outlines his 3 step process of goal setting in the book which include:

  1. Set 10x targets (the big hairy audacious and scary goals)
  2. Align them with your other purpose (your WHY)
  3. Write them (not type) every day- when your wake up and before you sleep. I also add that you word them as though you’ve already achieved each of them e.g. I own 5,000+ apartments that return over 12% positive cash flow.

And as you do this please consider the following:

  1. You’re setting these goals for you – not for anyone else (don’t be influenced by your surroundings, your parents, teachers, friends or what the majority are doing)
  2. Anything is possible
  3. You have much more potential than you realize (#NoHumanisLimited)
  4. Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility
  5. There is no shortage of success
  6. Regardless of the size of the goal, it will require work


You’ll find this topic in Chapter 20 though, as you’ll realize on reading the book, this is an idea he mentions in the preceding chapters. And this about attention and bursting through obscurity.

Grant shares that one of his goals is to be known by the 7 billion people that inhabit planet earth. Now that’s thinking and dreaming really BIG.

He says even though this may seem unrealistic, probably unattainable, it is the right target, thinking that you should adopt to ensure you’re everywhere.

“You have to get people to know you, which means that you have to get attention. The more attention you get, the more places you will be; the more people you are with, the more you can be everywhere.”

To get attention for your brand, ideas, message, products and services take advantage of Social Media platforms (the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.), write books, seek out speaking engagements, write blog post and articles, seek out interviews on all available platforms (radio, TV, podcasts) and whatever else that’s out there that can help push your message to furthest ends of this world.

Average is a Failing Formula and Breaking out of the Middle Class

You’ll find these topics in Chapter 8 and 11. I’ve combined them because they’re all pushing the same message.

In summary, I’ll say if you endeavor to live by the 10x rule don’t be average or desire to be part of the middle class. Proudly stand out. Be unreasonable. Be different.

To drive this point home, I’ll refer you to the video below by Vusi Thembekwayo, a global speaker, author and investor from South Africa. Take a listen:


Successful People and Getting Started with 10x

Grant Cardone wraps it up by first listing the 32 qualities, traits and habits of successful people and advising how you can apply the 10x rule in your life and business.

To get started with the 10x rule:

  1. Begin by modelling the habits and qualities of successful people – check them out in Chapter 22
  2. Write out your goals, then a list of actions that will propel you in that direction.
  3. Start NOW and keep your attention on the future your desire even in the face challenges, fear, criticism, failure while you persist with more action


There you have it a review of The 10x Rule book. There’s a lot more that I have not covered in this review so I encourage you to grab a copy of the book and read it for yourself.

You can get a copy from Amazon or for FREE (though you’ll have to cover shipping costs) from Grant Cardone’s website. Happy Reading!

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